Hello! I'm a nineteen-year-old singer/songwriter, producer & Kingdom Clarity CEO. After many thousands of hours writing, practicing, and recording 1,000+ songs, performing dozens of shows, and by God's Grace, reaching millions of souls with the art, we continue the mission to advance The Kingdom of God on earth as our team at Kingdom Clarity has over a dozen music projects set to release in 2022. If it's not for Jesus, it's a waste of time. The mission is to reach billions of souls with The Perfect Wisdom of Jesus Christ. If people knew they could access The Love of Jesus and even have a personal relationship with Him, the chains of sin would begin to be broken off of people and they would find True Freedom. Let's reach these souls in Jesus' Name!


Over the past 10+ years, I've written 1,000+ songs, some in a span of 13 minutes, others three full years. By God's Grace and Guidance, I've performed live for tens of thousands of people, and my songs have been listened to by millions. All Glory and Honor to Jesus Christ!


My production credits include the majority of my catalogue, as well as artists like Dee-1, Ruslan, No Malice (formerly Malice of the rap group Clipse), Lucky Luciano, Selah the Corner, and more. For production inquiries, contact our team at


I design much of the photo/visual art you see from me online, including this website. I manage design and strategy for a variety of brands and artists from barber shops and retail stores to influencers and artists, as well as Kingdom Clarity's Clarity Vision Productions. For design inquiries, contact our team at


From lemonade stands, to garage sales, neighborhood leaf and even acorn pick-up, (unreleased) album and movie projects, and more. The desire to create, serve, and earn money through the resources God has Provided was sparked early on. As my motivations have developed towards bringing new resources to the marketplace and reaching souls with The Wisdom of God, that spark has ignited a fire. Grateful to serve others with these resources and I hope they help and encourage you in the calling God has placed on your Life as well.